Ohmygoshthisissogood Baked Chicken Breast
#Ohmygoshthisissogood #Baked #Chicken #Breast

#Ohmygoshthisissogood #Baked #Chicken #Breast #crockpotrecipes #chickenbreastrecipes #easychickenrecipes #souprecipes

I am not sure about your house, but there are times I want a home cooked meal without the 19 ingredient pile up that takes down my kitchen for 3 hours. Sometimes I want to be able to quickly get in, get out, and eat without all the fuss and muss with my chicken breast recipes….and without opening a box.

This is aptly named that as every time I cook this chicken my husband says “this is really good, what’s in it?” And every time I answer that there isn’t much to it or in it, but it’s delicious nonetheless. Simple, easy, that is exactly what I like in my recipes. Ya feel me?

PRO TIP: Every time I am working with raw chicken, I honestly get grossed out. We all know how sick it can make someone to be exposed to what it leaves behind.

I love these Kitchen Gizmos– its a cutting board that takes away the worry! Standard cutting boards get scratches which become a breeding ground for bacteria. This cutting board is extremely scratch-resistant, preventing any bacteria from building up, has two sides, and a juice catcher so your defrosted chicken doesn’t leak to the counter.

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